A Celebrity Stylist Finds Fashion Inspiration at Hudson Yards

How Kate Powell, from TLC’s What Not to Wear, dresses New York’s chicest brand ambassadors

The ambassadors at Hudson Yards exist to make your visit to the West Side’s newest neighborhood as enjoyable as possible, pointing you in the right direction and suggesting itineraries for your outing. But recently they took on another responsibility too: fashion icon. The women behind their sartorial upgrade, include celebrity stylist, and Maryann Papasodero. Kate Powell explains the inspiration behind the new ensembles, and why Hudson Yards is her go-to shopping destination for all sorts of clients.

Why do you turn to Hudson Yards to up your clients’ style game?

体育365Hudson Yards is a destination for those looking for either unique and impossible-to find-items or more accessible fashion choices. You can buy leather pants for $2,000 and pair them with a top for $20. That’s how real New Yorkers shop. Hudson Yards delivers the best fashion at every price point, and inspiration for free, from the architectural beauty of the buildings and other fine details.

What was your inspiration for the ambassadors’ look?

The vibe was “professional with a twist.” Think: creative professional at, say, a major fashion magazine or luxury brand. We kept the silhouette classic, but added interesting texture, patterns and accessories.

How do the men’s ensembles reflect the latest trends?

体育365There is a wonderful rise in interesting suiting: shorter cuts, tighter fits, a resurgence of three-piece and double-breasted suits. You’ll see all of it on our ambassadors. And reflecting the trend of taking more risk with color and pattern, we made sure to feature bold, conversation-generating pieces.

And the women’s must-haves?

We wanted something feminine and beautiful but also powerful and attention grabbing. Midi skirts and dresses are huge this season and ours look great on two very different sized women—petite and tall. We also embraced the knee-high boot, pairing them not only with skirts and dresses but wide-leg pants as well.

And how did you account for seasonality, like looking stylish and staying warm?

At first I assumed we would be dressing ambassadors for indoor roles only but several members of the team work outdoors almost exclusively so we needed a stylish—but warm—look. Rudsak was a great choice for that. It’s a Canadian company that understands seriously cold temperatures but never skimps on design and detail. And because indoor workers often stand in doorways or on the plaza, we also gave them chic outerwear that looks like part of their outfit, not an afterthought.


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